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Rust and Water

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SALE!! 10% OFF With 3 Bonus random signed postcard prints.

A robot separated from his kind, travels toward a colossal and mysterious underwater machine...

The robot “Tune” embarks on a treacherous journey across the ocean floor in order to fulfill his mission. On his way through this alien environment, Tune meets Nara, a curious mermaid, who becomes his guide through this unfamiliar world. Tune comes to recognize the beauty and wonder within Nara’s ocean home. Nara learns, perhaps too late, that her new robotic friend may mean to end her world as she knows it...

Award-winning graphic novelist Justin Currie (Cassie and Tonk, Quackers Wants to Fly) and GMB Chomichuk (Cassie and Tonk, Midnight City, Infinitum) present an all ages undersea odyssey that explores the furthest reaches of the ocean and the deepest depths of friendship.

• Every book includes a custom sketch + signature.

• The story is 72 pages, appropriate for all ages, with a 5+ reading level.

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• For Now. The book will currently only be available to purchase from me in person at Comic Conventions, and online here.